Glencoe pre-season training weekend

Thanks to the new and decidedly younger intake of Glencoe Ski Patrol (Stewart Houston) for planning and co-ordinating the pre-season training weekend.

Colin and Stewart braved the elements and undertook a stock take of kit up the hill and, despite the inclement conditions, brought down all the equipment required for Sunday’s training session. This act of generosity from the Houstons allowed the rest of us to undertake some of our learning from the comfort of the cafe, enjoying the wood burner and copious refills of hot coffee throughout the day, we might as well start as we mean to continue.

As always we were able to draw on the varied experience from across the Glencoe team with sessions led by Davy Gunn on rope work, Peter Currie on signs, symptoms and appropriate care of casualties with a suspected heart attack in a difficult location.

Amanda Paton then put us through some taxing casualty scenarios and we then practiced and considered how to improve the SOP for securing loaded stretchers for the journey down the access lift.

We finished the afternoon with some very informative practice on the Recco rescue system.

Feedback from all those who attended, from far and wide, was really positive and that it had proved a worthwhile and informative training day.

Article and photos provided by Bobby Williamson

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