Triplicate Casulaty Form goes 21st Century!

This season brings updated methods of recording and documenting ski injury data using both electronic and paper forms.

Dr Mike Langran from Aviemore pioneered a successful triplicate copy injury form, allowing the simple documentation of casualty information including: injury information (suspected injury types and location, examination findings and treatments given) and resort information (incident location, equipment used and weather conditions). Triplicates enable 1 copy to be kept for resort information, 1 for the casualty and 1 for data collation.

The new form builds upon this, with an additional emphasis on patient safety criteria and space for free text. Following on from the 2014 FIPS conference we will also be looking at integrating data collected on patient warming and the benefits of cold compress.

This year we are also trialling an electronic form, in the format of an App, compatible with both android and iOS devices. This aims to collate data in a more rapid, streamlined fashion than the paper forms, with resort specific options. It is hoped that in the future a ipad or other tablet will be used as an alternative to hand written forms, being completed during casualty assessment. The app collates the same criteria as the paper forms but with the additional advantages of faster data collection, automatic and fields media options (photographs and casualty own information). The dynamic format of the app enables injury type specific options and additional space for free text and information as required.

In the future it is hoped that data collection will migrate onto a purely electronic form, with integration into other services including NHS providers to improve patient information communication and documentation for legal purposes. Data extraction from this format will also be simplified, enabling better utilisation and analysis to improve knowledge of patterns and risk factors of injury in snowsports.

View the new form by clicking BASP_Casualty_form_2015-2016.

Article and Photos provided by Dr Harriet Gray-Stephens 

Here are some of the APP screen shots.

photo 1

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

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