AED Public Access Defibrillator Training - 3-4hrs

Duration: 1 Day(s)

Course Times: 09:00:00 - 12:30:00

Certificate Valid: 1 year

Suitable for: The BASP AED course is designed for people who will have access to an AED either through their work or public access, it includes identifying when and how to use the AED. The course is aimed at people who require training in the use of a public access defibrillator, for the work place, for those located at public amenities, or use the outdoors.

Course Overview: A brief look at how the AED works and any safety implications for its use. The course is run to national guide lines. On the whole the course is designed to take the fear out of using the AED and to show its benefits. The training includes Basic Life Support and the Chain of Survival utilising the AED.

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