Emergency Medical Technician - 5 days

Duration: 5 Day(s)

Course Times: 09:00:00 - 21:00:00

Certificate Valid: 2 years with refresher each year

Suitable for: Ski Patrollers or Mountain Rescue personnel, with previous quality experience in pre-hospital care and rescue; a useful addition to the Casualty Care course to develop your skills as a medic.

Course Overview:

The BASP EMT (Emergency Medical Technicians Course) is different from the Casualty Care in several ways. The course is designed to give the candidate a more in depth knowledge of kinetics of the accident scene in predicting injury pattern and enabling them to carry out a detailed patient assessment and appropriate treatment.

It is important to realise this is a highly practical course and designed to give the best immediate care in hostile environments which is relevant to MRT and Ski Patrol.

The key components are Advanced airway management and the use of supraglottic airway systems, chest examination and emergency chest needle decompression both of these skills are under the supervision and assessment by a specialist in these fields. We are also covering the drugs which are used in the Cas Care course, with training to use IV cannulation with specialist trainers. This is not designed for candidates to give IV drugs but to gain rapid access to a patient who has the potential to deteriorate so that a doctor can deliver the drug quickly. The cannulation Training will be to NHS standards.

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