Casualty's view from sledgeA day in the life of a patroller – what we do…

  • Opening up the ski area to the public by sliding on pistes, tow tracks and inbound areas, reporting for ski, snow and weather reports
  • Safety management within the ski area boundaries, identifying hazards and either removing or marking appropriately
  • Work closely with engineering regarding uplift, checking safety trips, mechanisms, advising of any issues with uplift machinery
  • Patrolling within the ski area including sliding on piste monitoring conditions, reporting changes and hazards
  • Pick up the pieces for any customers who are injured, first aid assessment, treatment and evacuation mainly within the ski area
  • Avalanche hazard assessment and control where appropriate
  • We ensure there are no members of the public within the ski area, we define that as sweeping the hill at the end of the day
  • Clear up signs, poles and safety trips, leaving the hill ready for grooming and the forecasted weather so opening up the next day is straight forward
  • If necessary patrol carry out chairlift evacuation, climber rescues and other out of area search and rescue