Patroller Grades

Trainee Patroller

The Ski Patrol Training course must be successfully completed and assessed before Trainee status can be achieved.

Resort Patroller

A Resort Patroller will have a good understanding and working knowledge of a specific resort. They will be able to carry out their role within a team environment including more qualified and experienced patrollers, competently carry out all normal ski related daily tasks including the treatment and evacuation of less seriously injured or ill casualties.

National Patroller

A National Patroller will have a wide understanding and working knowledge of ski patrol beyond any single specific resort. Whilst eventually being committed to a specific resort they will demonstrate a broader range of competencies that are more transferable between resorts. A National Patroller will be able to lead, organise and competently carry out all the normal daily tasks including treatment of more seriously injured or ill casualties. They will also have a good understanding of the management of major incidents.

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