(Chris DiRollo) Very knowledgeable, experienced, interesting and enthusiastic trainer. A pleasure to be on the course and I learned a huge amount. His depth and breadth of experience makes a huge difference to a course such as this, as he can furnish it with real examples (including from his experience in ambulances as well as in the mountain rescue service) and give much more background information to the ‘syllabus’ subject matter.

Alison Hester, Glenmore Lodge (FAW Revalidation Course), June 2017

Keith Hill ran a very good course. Very interesting informative scenario practise. Many positive comments from other candidates to me about the practical nature of the course.

Debbie Williams, Glencoe Outdoor Centre (2 Day Outdoor Emergency First Aid Course) Jan 2017

Chris and Fred were by far the clearest communicators about why actions are undertaken on any first aid course I have ever undertaken (having previously held First Aid at Work twice and various half-day or two day certificates).

Alistair Watson, Glenmore Lodge (2 Day Outdoor Emergency), May 2017