I just attended the first aid course at the Ski Club of GB over the weekend. Please pass on my thanks for Chris and Bill. I have done many first aid courses over the years, and this one was easily the most interesting, practical and fun. All down to the excellent trainers.

David Sincock, SCGB (2 Day Outdoor Emergency First Aid Course) Oct 2017

Great content and delivery, kept it relevant and interesting.

Done a few first aid courses, but this was by far the best, kept interesting with real life scenarios, situations and examples from Chris DiRollo. Would recommend this for anyone needing the qualification, good to have as life skills for any situation.

Derek Forsyth, Glenmore Lodge (2 Day Outdoor Emergency First Aid), May 2017

Chris and Fred were by far the clearest communicators about why actions are undertaken on any first aid course I have ever undertaken (having previously held First Aid at Work twice and various half-day or two day certificates).

Alistair Watson, Glenmore Lodge (2 Day Outdoor Emergency), May 2017