Mark was great! Made everything we did really interesting and if you didn’t quite understand something he would go over it until you did. Overall was a fantastic course!

Rachel, Snow Factor Braehead (Slope Patrol), May 2017

(Christine Hill) The trainer was very approachable, helpful and knowledgeable. She is clearly very passionate about teaching First Aid.

I found the practical exercises very useful for gaining confidence. Also, it was a good chance to make mistakes in a non-emergency environment, so that next time we can get things right.

I would definitely recommend BASP to friends and others who are looking for a First Aid course.

Jennifer Reid, Lomond MRT Base (2 Day Outdoor Emergency) Feb 2017

Jeff Starkey was outstanding. A great motivator and role model. I feel fortunate to have learned from someone with his depth of knowledge and experience.

Mark Fair was a pleasure to learn from and be around. His medical background was a terrific asset to the delivery of the course.

Dani Stewart, Glenmore Lodge (Ski Patrol Course) Dec 2016

Very good instructor (Iain Murray) who made the course progressive. His delivery was outstanding and catered to everyone’s learning styles, I’ve been on a few FA courses and this was by far the best so far.

Scott Mayled, Snowgoose near Fort William (2 Day Outdoor Emergency First Aid Course), Mar 2017

Trainers – Lynne Warden, Rod McIntosh & Mark Tennant

What an absolutely incredible few days! The wealth of experience shared by the three trainers was unparalleled. I thought the structure of the course was well thought out with things running seamlessly. As a total first aid newbie I was apprehensive but the trainers really kept things straightforward and simple which was great. Took a lot from it and feel so much more confident. Would thoroughly recommend the course to anyone and can’t wait till my 3 years is up and I get to do it all again.

Jonny Straub, Moffat MRT (2 Day Outdoor Emergency)

Excellent course. Bill Smith was knowledgeable and most of took a common sense approach to first aid. I hope to get him as my instructor in three years time.

Robert Wright, Tamworth (2 Day Outdoor Emergency First Aid Course) Feb 2017

(Chris DiRollo) Brilliant trainer – very relaxed approach, made it all seem so much easier! Great course!

EIlidh-Ann Phillips, Highland Council Ranger Service (2 Day Outdoor Emergency) Mar 2017

Chris and Fred were by far the clearest communicators about why actions are undertaken on any first aid course I have ever undertaken (having previously held First Aid at Work twice and various half-day or two day certificates).

Alistair Watson, Glenmore Lodge (2 Day Outdoor Emergency), May 2017