This course was fantastic. Evelyn explained everything really well and the resources/scenarios helped set the scene very well. I would recommend Evelyn to anyone looking to train in outdoor first aid!

Kerry McEwan, Bowmar Community Centre (2 Day Outdoor Emergency Course) Feb 2019

Chris provided a great course and level of instruction, the topic was well covered, direct and got straight to the point, but with good humour and fully engaged the group. One of the best first aid courses I have been on the past 20 + years.

Ian Brown, Loch Insh (2 Day Outdoor Emergency First Aid Course) Mar 2019

I have been doing first aid courses for over ten years, including within polar regions. However, Fred was a very visual, descriptive and hands on practically when teaching and explaining various first aid. He gave the course a good structure and also put it in perspective for our needs. He made First Aid feel less overwhelming and more managable, he did this by explaining techqniues clearly and matter of fact but also putting it into perspective with demonstrations or using various teaching methods from getting us to work in groups/pairs/one on one and also got us outside in the rain to make it more ‘real’. Overall the course was a great benefit to all of us here at SAMS, it’s also made me more confident for the activies that I complete outside of work.

Sarah Reed, SAMS Ltd (FAW 3 day) Feb 2019

Iain created an extremely open and friendly atmosphere throughout the course, and explained things clearly and in an engaging manner.

Kenneth Rankin, Glenmore Lodge (2 Day Outdoor Emergency First Aid Course) Dec 2018

Very engaging and personable; easy to listen to; taught specifically into our personal situations; easygoing and fun. Christine had a fount of knowledge that she drew on as required, with great stories to illustrate and elaborate on teaching points. I also liked her ability to review practical tasks and draw maximum learning from them. Brilliant BASP course as always.

Nick Smith, Lomond MRT Base (2 Day Outdoor Emergency) Nov 2018

Molly was incredibly knowledgeable and professional. She delivered the information in an organized way and added her own experience to the material which made it easer to learn and understand. There was a lot of information covered but she made it fun. She controlled the class at all times, stayed on course/time schedule and ensured that everyone had enough time/attention to understand the material. I didn’t expect learning first aid to be so much fun but it really was. Molly was terrific!

Sarah Nicoli, Tamworth (2 Day Outdoor Emergency) Feb 2019