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We are highly experienced professionals delivering First Aid courses to ensure Safe, Confident Responders. Experienced trainers are at the core of the BASP training experience. Through high energy sports like skiing and mountain biking where casualties are common, our trainers have hands on real experience. Combining trainers training and qualifications we deliver professional, fresh and relevant courses.


 All our Trainers regularly deal with casualties using first aid in an outdoor and work environment; this keeps their delivery of first aid training fresh, current and relevant. This enables them to relate to the candidates situation alongside sharing their practical experience of real life first aid incidents, making their delivery of outdoor scenarios invaluable to the candidate, adapting the course according to the candidate’s needs.


They are experienced Ski, Mountain, Mountain Bike and Water based Rescue personnel with a wealth of practical hands on experience and first aid knowledge. Our Trainers are qualified First Aid Trainers who meet the quality standards required by the SQA and HSE. Qualifications held within our training team:

  • Teachers
  • Mountain Leaders
  • Ski Instructors
  • Watersports Instructors
  • Nurses
  • EMTs or Paramedics 


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